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Sarawak Grade A Black Pepper (WHOLE) 砂拉越优质黑胡椒粒

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  • 新鲜研磨好让味蕾可以享用浓郁的胡椒香气。
  • 无防腐剂
  • 100%纯胡椒无添加其他香料


砂拉越胡椒拥有悠久的香料贸易历史于1970 年初期开始与美国,日本,西班牙等等国家进行出口贸易。







成份:100% 黑胡椒粒


Sarawak Premium Pepper source from one of the nation’s finest suppliers of this remarkable spice since 1987. The pepper  is 100% pure and certified by HALAL and MESTI and it supply to local and global market.

  • Each batch peppers will be grind and pack freshly in order to let our taste buds enjoy the freshness and aroma of the pepper.
  • No preservative 
  • 100% Pure Pepper no other spices added

Sarawak Pepper entered global markets such as the United States, Japan, and Spain as early as in the 1970s.

Sarawak ranks amongst the world’s five leading producers of pepper. Due to its strategic geographical location and  Malaysia’s tropical climate which create the fruity and  distinctive aroma.

Why having peppers in our meal ?

Food flavor enhancer.

Help to reduce discomfort and gas buildup in your intestines.

Good source of manganese, a mineral that can help with bone health, wound healing, and metabolism.

Helps the body absorb more nutrients from other foods.

The outer dark layer of peppercorn speeds up the breaking down of these fat cells and helps increase your metabolic rate. Fat cells need to be broken in order to lose weight.

Ingredient: 100% Pure Black Pepper (WHOLE)

Net Weight: 70g