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Sea Magic Natural Eco Powder Laundry Detergent 纯天然环保洗衣粉

RM 58.00

SEA MAGIC Detergent is a unique manufactured based on the advance Bio Technology, combined with the power of ozone ion and pure coconut oil.

The fragranced SEA MAGIC Detergent is an excellent and powerful odour removal with 99.99% anti bacteria effectiveness.

Gentle and safe enough for your most delicate washables, leaves no irritating residues.

【海神奇】是以海水萃炼的海硷为主原料研发的新一代多用途天然环保清洁剂,使用天然椰子油做为 界面活性剂,加上各种天然配方制成,洗淨力强,能深层分解污垢和臭味,泡沫少好冲洗,省水 节能,适合各种居家清洁,天然温和不刺激,各种敏感肤质都可安心使用。本产品通过国家检验,具高生物分解度、无添加各种石化有害物质,使用后无石化有害毒素残留之虞,可有效解决石化清洁剂 所造成的各种身体健康和环境污染问题

Product Highlight

  • 100% No Harmful Chemicals & Biodegradable
  • Skin Protection 
  • Deodourizer
  • 100% Anti-Bacteria
  • No Bad Odour During Wet & Raining Days
  • No Harmful to Marine Life

  • 3 kg

    Product of Malaysia.