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山药四神粉】可温脾健胃,是肠道虚弱、消化不良、腹泻者的最佳药膳 既可补充营养又有疗效。当中主要原材当中的山药、薏仁、莲子含丰富的膳食纤维,膳食纤维除了增加饱足感外,还可以促进肠道蠕动。


成     份 : 山药、薏仁、茯苓、芡实、莲子

副原料  : 关华豆胶

净     重 : 500g

产     地 : 台  湾

Certified ISO22000,HACCP, Imported from Taiwan 

Yam multi powder is a  famous herbal soup recipes in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat diarrhoea, strengthening the spleen and nourishing the digestive system. It also calms the nerves and improves poor appetite. It is particularly great for elderly who needs to regain their strength and appetite after a bout of illness or after surgery

-Major ingredients: Barley, Yam, Poria, Gorgon, lotus Seeds

- Secondary ingredients: Guar Gum

- Allergen Tip: This product contains barley, yam, lotus seed, may cause allergies. - Vegan

The four ingredients are Shan Yao, Qian Shi, Lian Zi, and Fu Ling.

Shan yao or Wild yam is rich in proteins, polysaccharides, vitamin C, calcium, minerals, enzymes, saponins and diosgenin and fibre. It dilates blood vessels, thereby improving blood circulation, enhancing overall wellness and especially for skin, it increases skin hydration, smooths wrinkles, increases skin elasticity and improves colour tone. It strengthens the spleen and stomach to aid digestion, nourishes the kidneys and lungs. Hence this soup is great for our skin as well.

Qian Shi (Euryvale) strengthens the kidney and spleen to stop diarrhoea, removes dampness to regulate our spleen and stomach. Qian Shi is generally used to for those with knee and back pain, frequent urination, leukorrhea, and diarrhoea.

Lian Zi (Lotus seed) calms the spirit, strengthens spleen and kidney. It is commonly used for diarrhea from chronic spleen deficiency, excess vaginal discharge for women, anxiety, and insomnia.

Fu Ling (Poria Cocos) helps to regulate water metabolism, removes dampness and calms the spirit (shen, 神) and helps relieve insomnia. It works at the heart, lungs, spleen and kidney meridians and improves the spleen function and help in nutrients absorption needed to maintain healthy skin conditions. 

- No Coloring

- No Sweeteners

- No Preservatives

- No Sugar Added

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