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Longevi Herbal Tea for Good Sleep 纯天然舒眠草药茶 (忧遁草,黑面将军,杜仲草)

RM 59.90


  • 忧遁草,黑面将军,杜仲叶调配出不老茶王茶。
  • 100% 正品,无农药栽种,无化学添加物
  • 一盒40小包草药茶


  • 安抚中枢神经消除疲劳感,帮助入睡舒眠
  • 改善酸性体质
  • 有助降尿酸,抗痛风
  • 有助降三高(血压,胆固醇,血糖)
  • 改善糖尿病
  • 促进肠胃蠕动排出体内毒素
  • 消炎散瘀
  • 清热解毒改善青春痘
  • 促进胶原蛋白的合成和代谢有助减肥抗衰老
  • 有助抗癌抗肿瘤
  • 强筋骨,益腰膝
  • 清肝利胆
  • 祛瘀消肿

Longevi tea is made from Malaysia famous tropical herbs which is 

Clinacanthus nutans leaf,Black General Face tea leaf and Eucomia tea leaf.

  • 100% free from pesticide, no additives and colouring :
  • Certified by MESTI and HALAL
  • 40 sachets per box

  • Help to reduce insomnia problem
  • Help to reduce cholesterol level, blood sugar and blood pressure
  • Help to increase the activity of antioxidant to protect body from free radical
  • Clear body heat, eliminate blood statis 
  • Reduce the risk of gout attack and uric acid
  • Stimulate bowel movements and detox
  • Promote collagen synthesis and increase metabolism
  • Anti-aging and weight control
  • Strengthen the lower body and provide joint lubrication and functionality,
  •  Promote strong bone health and strengthen tendons. 

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