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FERME SUNSHINE Pure Almond Powder 纯杏仁粉

RM 60.90

Brand:Ferme Sunshine 

Ingredient: 100% PURE Almond powder imported from Taiwan.

Certified ISO22000,HACCP & Halal

  • Rich in protein, Polyunsaturated fatty acid, Beta Carotene, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin CP and minerals
  • Consist cancer preventing B17
  • Reduce colesterol level and the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Strengthen the lungs and moisturises the skin, keeping your skin smooth, soft and acne-free
  • Highly recommended for smokers and insomnia patients. 
  • 富含蛋白质,不饱和脂肪酸,胡萝卜素, B族维生素,维生素C, P以及矿物质
  • 含有助抗癌物质维生素B17被称为抗癌之果
  • 含丰富脂肪油,可降低胆固醇,防止心血管疾病
  • 具有润肺定喘功效,养颜美容及美化肌肤
  • 适合长期抽烟和肺功能欠佳者
  • 帮助舒眠