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Double Joyful Vegan Hamper Gift 双喜悦纯素养生礼包 (双包古方柴烧纯红糖)

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  • 健脾暖胃
  • 暖血通经,补气益血
  • 活血化淤
  • 有助子宫通瘀排恶露
  • 消除疲劳,补充体力
  • 护肤养颜红糖中含有的氨基酸、纤维素等物质,可以有效保
  • 护和恢复表皮、真皮的纤维结构和锁水能力,强化皮肤组织结构和皮肤弹性,同时补充皮肤营养,促进细胞再生。
  • 增强免疫
  • 男女老少皆宜养生饮料



冲泡方法:取出一块红糖放在杯子,冲热水150ml - 200ml (按个人甜度喜好)


Double Joyful Vegan Hamper Gift

Pure Traditional Red Sugar

Pure Traditional Red Sugar using organic and natural farming for the cane plantation without pesticides and chemical fertilizer.

Pure Traditional Red Sugar is produce using traditional wood fire method with no extra additives and preservatives and it taste like fresh cane juice.

Benefits of Organic Traditional Red Sugar:

  • Strengthen the spleen and stomach.
  • Enrich blood and improve blood circulation
  • Relieve dysmenorrhea
  • Regulate menstruation
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Contraction of the postpartum uterus
  • High antioxidant, promote cell regeneration while protecting and smoothing skin.
  • Boost up immune system 
  • Relieve fatigue and  boost up energy
  • 1 packet contain 10 pieces of Organic Red Sugar
  • Store in fridge or cool, dry and dark place.

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